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Facebook Reviews
"Great family. Great pizza. Highly recommend you try it and become a repeat customer. Locally owned."

~ John T.

"Andrea's Pizza is the Best Pizza, I've ever had. Hands down the best. And the owners are great people."

~ Sandra F.

"My wife and I have only been here a few times so far, but they are our go-to pizza place now! Their pizza is AMAZING Keep up the great work guys!!"

~ Ryan G.

"Best pizza in the entire state of Michigan! Awesome meatball subs and lasagna, also."

~ Andrew A.

Yelp Reviews
"Best Pizza hands down. Best customer service hands down. Best pizza sauce hands down. Even when they are very busy they are still speedy. They're Italian dinners and pizza subs are a 10/10 as well!! All for a great price, this will forever be one of the best pizza places of all time. If you are ever in the area and hungry, definitely stop here!"

~ John S.

"I've been eating Andreas Pizza for over two decades (almost three...), and it is some of the best pizza I've found in Grand Rapids. Even having moved to Chicago I envy those who leave nearby. I trek home simply for the deliciousness of Andreas Pizza. My Golden Retriever, Prince, starts drooling uncontrollably when he smells Andreas- yes- it's THAT GOOD.

Mario and Rose are awesome business owners who remember me even though I've moved and are fantastic. They make sure I'm always happy and run a great business- of taking my money for delicious pizza. It's a love hate relationship. Not really, it's just that damn good!

I love getting bacon, onion, ham- TRY IT. You'll be in love. I've also had their dinners and even Tiramisu dessert (do they even have this still?) Cheesy garlic bread- I've had it all. This place is one of my all time favorites. If you haven't tried it out and live in Grand Rapids, you should be slapped hard. You've been missing out."

~ Patrick D.

I will never get over the fact that there are places in Grand Rapids I have never heard of, that are some of the best there is.

Such is the case with Andrea's Pizza.

"Been there for years", "loving" local following, friends of mine that will tell me "there is none better".

All of the above statements turn out to be true.

Dear reader....this is a very special pie.

When I came in (on a busy Friday night) there were no less than 6 people behind the counter slicing, arranging, kneading, pulling and baking truly hand made pies with "honest to God" better ingredients. I know you hear that all the time... but in this case the cheese IS better, the sausage IS better (they make it) the sauce IS better (they make it) and the dough IS better (ditto).

My Pie was a standard pepperoni and sausage. 16.00 for an extra large. Not sure about the comment I read here about it being expensive is not.

It is however a better value, in my view, based on the quality.

Maybe I can sum it up this way. The first time you go... eat it there. Don't drive home, don't waste time, most of all don't allow the pie to cool. Eat it there to get the full taste of what has been created for you.

It is really that good. You will be glad you ate it right out of the oven. WOW!!

It is what I plan to do next time and I assure you, there will be a next time....and a next....and a next..........

~ David M.

"Andrea's Pizza is definitely one of the better places to get a more traditional style pie. While I do prefer the "artisan" type pizzas (think Nantucket or Harmony Brewing Co,) this place definitely satisfies a niche.

Quality flour-dusted chewy dough, good sauce and fresh ingredients. Super friendly service every time I've picked up a pizza.

I recommend trying a meatball/onion/garlic pie - the best combo I've had from them yet.

Also, they have decent coupons online (which you'll need to print off) that make it worth heading off the beaten path into East GR and giving this place a try."

~ Ashley M.